The Brief

As part of a branding course in my Visual Communication studies, we were tasked with creating a brand in the fashion sphere. I invented and fleshed out the idea of a pop-up shop brand for men’s winter clothing, which would only run for a 3-month stretch every winter. The name: Layers. The clothing style: classic yet sophisticated and modern. The location: different every year.


School Project


August 2014

Products Made

Clothes Catalogue
Custom Font
Icon Set
Business Card

Creating the visual identity

I worked on a 60° grid using only triangles to form the shape of the brand icons. From there I created a distinct and uniquely-powerful custom font that was used in the logo.

The fun part

To get the creative ball rolling, I always kickstart my design projects by sketching and playing with different materials. In this case, I used fabrics. I cut out shapes and letters which eventually evolved into the logo icon, and from there to the grid.

Thank you for watching

Hi, I'm Doron Mishli; a front-end designer from Tel Aviv. I build clean, user-centered, responsive sites with big hearts and craft brand identities with passion. With my design skills, technical expertise and years of SEO experience, I’m pretty much your guy for any website-related gig. Just give me a call via email. You can sneak a peek at my full portfolio here.